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What is a Virtual Credit Card?

A virtual card functions like a disposable representative of your real card. If something happens to a virtual card, you can just delete it and get a new one.
The two main purposes for using virtual account numbers (VANs) are security and convenience. Instead of providing merchants with your actual credit card details, you can just give the virtual card number.

Then, if there’s any security issue with the website or company, you can simply cancel that virtual card. You don’t need to worry about thieves making all sorts of fraudulent transactions, because they would just have that one limited number. And you won’t need to report your card information as stolen and get a new card mailed.
Here’s a summary of just about everything you need to know about virtual credit cards:
They help protect your card information: If a hacker steals your virtual credit card it won’t compromise your actual account, improving your overall card security.
Only for online and phone purchases: Virtual credit cards can be used online or on the phone, but not for in-store purchases.
The card details are different: Your virtual card will have a different account number, security code, and expiration date.
The features vary: The features you get with virtual cards will depend on your card issuer.
Some are single-use only: A virtual number may be limited to a single transaction.

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